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N.C.D.H. Championship clubshow 2021

With 2x CAC and title ‘Clubwinner 2021’
( subject to developments around Covid-19()

The show committee of the Dutch Dalmatian Club (NCDH) would like to invite you to our Championship Clubshow 2021.

We consider this annual event as our clubs’ ‘event of the year’, to see how our breed is developing and to enjoy this day together with other Dalmatian lovers. In the meantime we have started with all the preparations to create a great day.
It was often very exciting how our government decide the regulations about covid-19.
No easy to organize a dogshow under those changeable circumstances!
But we are creative and love to give the exhibitors and dogs a pleasant day.

Where & When?
Date : Saturday the 30rd of Octobre`21

Location: Thorbeckelaan 133, 3771 EM Barneveld, in the indoor riding hall of Hippisch Centrum Barneveld.

This year we have 2 judges, who will judging our beloved breed:

  • The first judge is Mr. John Wauben (NL).
    John Wauben will judge the baby's, puppy's,and male classes.
  • Second judge of this day will be Mr. Dick Baars (NL).
    Mr. Dick Baars will judge the female classes.
    Together they will judge the Best of breed.

* When there are not enough entries that we need to have a second judge, Mr. Baars will be cancelled. (or when corona regulations oblige us to do so) .
The show is organized under the corona restrictions, for important news about changes, follow the website

This year we have also a child-dogshow, ages 6 – 9 years and 10 – 13 years, your child, who is dressed-up, enters the ring together with the dog. (Parents must be nearby)
Judged by Mrs. Jose Lagendijk (NL)

And besides the regular classes, there is also a couple class, best breedinggroup and best progencycompetition.

This event will be held in an indoor ridinghall with a very well – drained sandy soil.
There will be enough parkingplace, and we have some nice shoppingstalls, including the Din Fonds.
There is a possibilty to use the little restaurant of this location.

For entering at the show area, it`s necessary to show that you are corona vaccined (app or paper) or you can show a negative corona test. For organizing this show, we have to follow the regulations of the Dutch government!

You can enter your spotty friends from now on!*



If you scan this QR-code, you go tot he right page immediately:


Attention:  The entry will be closed at the 15th of Octobre 2021 at 23:59 hour.

If you have any questions about this event, don`t hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to see you at our clubshow, kind regards,

Marieke Nieuwenhof
Marlies van Twist
Helen Kroon
Nancy Kroon

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