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Registration open: Championship clubshow 2020 (2xCAC)

The show committee of the Dutch Dalmatian Club (NCDH) would like to invite you to our Championship Clubshow 2020.

We consider this annual event as our clubs’ ‘event of the year’, to see how our breed is developing and to enjoy this day together with other Dalmatian lovers. In the meantime we have started with all the preparations to create a great and coronaproof day. You can enter your spotty friends from now on!*

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For breeders this is a great opportunity to reunite your litters, and ask all owners to enter their dogs. Besides sociability, this day can be a good moment to watch the quality of your dogs.

Besides the regular classes, there will also be a ‘funclass’ and a child-dogshow! If you have a Dalmatian with a minor fault, which normally can`t be entered at a regular show, then this can be a nice chance to hear what a judge thinks about your dog. To enter your dog must have a pedigree number (= Kennel Club registration number). During the child-dogshow, ages 6 – 9 years and 10 – 14 years, your child, who is dressed-up, enters the ring together with the dog. (Parents must be nearby)

Where & when?
Date :       Saturday, 19th of September, 2020

Location: Thorbeckelaan 133, 3771 ED Barneveld, Netherlands

  • The judge will be Mr. Jan Coppens (NL)
  • The funclass and child-dog show will be judged by Mrs. José Lagendijk (NL)

Attention: The entry will close at 4th of September 2020 at 23:59.

This outdoor show will be held at the venue of “RSV Barneveld”. There are good facilities at the location. The location is easily accessible and visitors dogs are also welcome. Be aware of the weather conditions and bring something to protect yourself and your dogs. This day there are more events at the location, so many things are there to see and to be done.


For the online entry form and payment, go to:

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For any questions, please send an e-mail to Looking forward to see you and your spotted friends on the 19th of September 2020!

On behalf of the show committee

Marieke Nieuwenhof & Aat Klapwijk


Dog welfare and breed specific instructions

During this championship club match, the well-being of the dogs is paramount. For all judges, exhibitors, breeders and visitors, the well-being of the dog should be priority No. 1!

The judges are instructed - by means of the breed specific instructions and the Basic Statement for Conformity Judges - to ensure that dogs being inspected are dogs without “exaggeration”. This document also pays a lot of attention to construction, teeth, eyes, overweight, temperament and behavior, abundant hair and care.

The exaggerations that previously occurred with some varieties are no longer desirable in 2020 with the inspections of these varieties. Current insights, from both breeding and support from the veterinary profession, make it possible to organize exhibitions, championship club matches and other inspections in a responsible manner.

You will see in the final judging that the most vital dogs will be the ultimate winner. Health and wellbeing are leading in the policy of the Dutch Kennelclub and therefore in all activities that take place under the auspices of the Dutch Kennelclub and the NCDH fully supports this.


*Note: The date of the championship club show will be the 19th of September. When there is an outbreak of a second wave of COVID19 infections, the measures can ensure that we have to cancel the event. Yet there is no reason to cancel. When it will be necessary to postpone the event, the N.C.D.H. will take the entries, as well as the payments, to the new date. In case of necessary cancellation, the entry fee will be refunded.


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